why would you need sheets of polystyrene

Polystyrene is a flexible plastic used to make a wide assortment of the consumer products. It is usually used in the products like lab products and food packaging. The Polystyrene Ball is becoming famous because of their flexibility and cost-viability. Polystyrene sheets are regularly used in the homeware business and for different things, for example, packaging and tile molds.

Polystyrene Packaging and its Uses

Sheets of Polystyrene provide various benefits in different sectors. It is useful in different sectors as it serves as an insulator and protects the things from being damaged. Here are some of the advantages of polystyrene sheets.

Multi-format flexibility

Can be made as sheets to withstand higher effect or have air added to it to deliver customary polystyrene.


Flexibility is one of the primary polystyrene properties. As a thermoplastic, it is effectively formed into different shapes under the heat. It likewise doesn't thermoset, so it tends to be reshaped more than once which is perfect for reusing purposes.


Colors are boundless with polystyrene and it can likewise be made in a straightforward shape for a more professional aesthetic.


Sheets of polystyrene provide amazing insulation. When circulated air through with CO2, it turns into a great heat insulator.